Welcome to RAZI Health Foundation's Homepage. We are a network of volunteer physicians with a goal of providing help and medical assistance to members of the Iranian community in New York and New Jersey.
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RAZI Awarded at Grand Opening of "Omid House" (House of Hope) Hospitality for the Free Cancer Clinic in W. Azarbaijan
Following the huge success of constructing the OMID charity cancer clinic in W. Azarbaijan back in the mid 90's it became clear almost immediately that another major area, namely, the temporary settlement of the needy patients who could ill afford a hotel stay during their long and extensive treatments, had to be addressed, as well.
The Razi Health Foundation, one of the early contributors to this now highly popular and  internationally-recognized center for free diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cancers, also became an early sponsor of building a dormitory to provide temporary housing to needy patients, as well as, immediate family members who would care for them during the course of their treatments at the clinic.
In the Spring of 2015, and with the official opening of the Omid House (literally, meaning "House of Hope" in Farsi) hospitality, Dr. Asghar Kharazi, the current Director of RAZI, was officially awarded this plaque in recognition and appreciation of this great humanitarian undertaking by the head of the Department of Health Services in W. Azarbaijan.   
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Under general license from the U.S. Department of Treasury, RAZI is now in a position to send much needed funds directly to people in charge reconstruction and relief efforts. Please give generously and rest assured that at RAZI 100% of your tax-deductible contributions will go directly toward rebuilding schools and hospitals in areas you wish to help.
Official plaque recognizing Razi Health Foundation's great humanitarian efforts to provide free care and treatment of needy cancer patients in W. Azarbaijan
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