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Razi Urgently Raises Funds for Victims of Massive Flooding in Iran
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It has been a number of days since a series of devastating floods have almost completely overrun nearly half the provinces in Iran taking enormous human and material toll in their path.
** Help Victims of Devastating Flood in Iran ... Please, Donate Today! **
The roads, railways, power lines and even communication lines have been cut in most cases with access and movement possible only with boats and special equipment brought over by the army.

In this dire circumstances such as this where hundreds of thousands of residential homes have been flooded and rendered useless, and where people by the millions are in immediate need of food, blankets, shelter and medical care you could see how desperate the call for help becomes.

Throughout our 30-year history, RAZI has always been at the forefront of sending exactly this kind of emergency help to the victims of disaster no matter where in the world it might be. Today, we are urgently asking for your generous help in reaching out to the victims of this devastating flood that is threatening to cause even more devastation during its second and third waves expected to come as early as this week.
At RAZI we pride ourselves in having no administrative costs, therefore, using fully 100% of every dollar you contribute toward disaster relief, or any other charitable cause you designate. So, please click this button now and DONATE today!