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Razi Raising Funds to Supply Hearing Aids for 50 More Students
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This holiday season Razi Foundation is once again reaching out to generous and kind-hearted donors like you to help students with hearing disability in city of Tabriz. Without hearing aids, the students with hearing impairment have a lifetime of struggle to succeed in academics and reaching their full potential.

Our goal is to help 50 more underprivileged students who are in need of these devices. Each medically-fit hearing aid cost $300 (after the specially-obtained discount with the manufacturer and physicians who will install the devices) therefore, we hope you will consider sponsoring 1 or more eligible students, or make any donation that is right for you in order to make these talented children's lives the most hopeful and promising they can be.

All donations are tax deductible. Also, with Razi there are no administrative cost, so you are sure that 100% of all your donations will go toward these children's ability to bring their academic dreams closer to reality.
** Please join us in reaching our goal of giving 50 more students the gift of hearing this holiday season! **