Welcome to RAZI Health Foundation's Homepage. We are a network of volunteer physicians with a goal of providing help and medical assistance to members of the Iranian community in New York and New Jersey.
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New School and Dormitory Built in Quake Stricken Area of Azarbaijan with Your Donations to RAZI
On August 12 a devastating twin earthquakes virtually flattened several villages in and around the small town of Varzeghan in East Azarbaijan province of Iran leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured and made homeless.

After shipping immediate relief packages of food and clothing to the disaster-hit areas, our attention quickly turned to reconstruction efforts and long-term needs of the population. Based on the amount of contributions received during this phase, we wanted to make sure that the most important health and education needs of the very young population in the area was met and secured as much as possible.

Fortunately, at the time there were a few charitable organizations like us that had similarly volunteered to help with the health and medical issues in the area. Therefore, we opted to focus our attention instead on building of a large school equipped with dormitories to house displaced students who, otherwise, were totally unable to attend any schooling due to lack of transportation or roads that had been partially or completely destroyed by the earthquake.

This new building is designed to withstand quakes registering up to 8 on a richter scale. It will also make it possible for 100 students to spend the entire school week at school's dormitory in a well-maintaind environment. On weekends, they are, again, safely bused back to their homes in surrounding villages using schools own transportation vehicles.
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Under general license from the U.S. Treasury Department, RAZI is now in a position to send much needed funds directly to individuals in charge of the reconstruction efforts. So, please give generously and rest assured that with no overhead at RAZI 100% of your tax-deductible contributions will go to rebuilding homes, schools and hospitals in the areas that you wish to help.
Progress of School and Dormitory buildings after groundbreaking in winter of 2012
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