Welcome to RAZI Health Foundation's Homepage, a network of volunteer physicians with a goal of providing help and medical assistance to our local community. RAZI is a (501)(c) charitable foundation registered in the state of New York, since 1985.
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Under general license from the U.S. Department of Treasury, RAZI is now in a position to send much needed funds directly to people in charge reconstruction and relief efforts. Please give generously and rest assured that at RAZI 100% of your tax-deductible contributions will go directly toward rebuilding schools and hospitals in areas you wish to help.
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URGENT: Razi Calls for Donations to Help Victims of Sunday's Powerful Quake on Iran-Iraq Border
On Sunday (Nov. 12) a devastating magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck northern border region between Iran and Iraq causing over 500 deaths and injuring more than 7000 so far.  Entire villages and countless homes and property have also been destroyed as a result.  
Razi Health Foundation has quickly teamed up with other accredited NGO's to address immediate needs of the victims in Iran.
Please use the link below if you wish to make a donation to help the people subjected to this horrific disaster. Any funds collected by RAZI will be legally transferred and disbursed directly to benefit the victims impacted and displaced by this enormous calamity and to provide emergency relief to the areas affected by the quake.