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Major Razi Partnership Project Inaugurated in Bam
The construction of the Bam IT Center building on drawing board since June of 2004 completed earlier this year with the technical and administrative assistance from the Science and Arts Foundation of Iran. Razi along with its main partners in Coalition of Persian Charities (CPC) provided the funding for the construction of the main building as well as nearly all the hardware and networking equipment housed within it. A prime piece of real estate in the covetted city center had previously been donated for this purpose by Bam's Ministry of Education.

Donated Medical Supplies Arrive at Omid Cancer Center
Since February of this year, Bam ICT and its staff of 60+ instructors has been able to attract hundreds of young students in Bam who are eager to train for 21st-century job market by learning the necessary state-of-the-art skills in computer and information technology. The ICT in Bam, further, boasts one of the strongest public wireless internet hubs in the country enabling students and teachers the ability to easily network together and collaborate on various projects jointly and simultaneously.
Reports from personnel in charge at the Omid Cancer Center in Orumiyeh indicate that after a brief delay at Tehran customs, the shipment of medical supplies destined for that clinic was recieved intact and ready for use. Omid, a key recipient of Razi aid, is an advanced cancer diagnostic and treatment center located in West Azerbaijan province that regularly provides full range of services to needy patients from all over the region free of charge.
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