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Medical Supplies Arrive at Mashad Hospital
According to the hospital staff, a shipment of donated medical goods and supplies from RAZI to benefit Imam Reza Medical Center in the holy city of Mashad was received in good condition in April of 2008.
US Medical Student Looks to Cure Thalassemia in Iran
Imam Reza Hospital in Mashad
For most college students, Spring Break traditionally is a period of much needed rest and relaxation between semesters. Not for Shahrzad Abassi, though. An honors medical student at UC Berkeley, she utilized every minute of that time to take advantage of a rare opportunity to visit her country of Iran on an intense month-long research that would one day hopefully lead to a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia.

Iranian children are unusually susceptible to a rare form of this seriously dibilitating disease, but Ms. Abassi holds high hopes that constant advances, especially, in the area of cord blood storage and stem cell research will soon lead to a cure for this dreaded disorder in kids.
At Mahak, a model not-for-profit hospital located in eastern outskirts of Tehran, Ms. Abassi found a very cooperative crew whose help were instrumental in her being able to put enough data together to continue her project at Berkeley. We at RAZI are honored to support and to do what we can to continue to help Mahak and enthusiastic researchers like Ms. Abassi in realizing their dream of improving the healthcare of children wherever there is a need.
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