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In the winter of 2018, Razi Foundation once again reached out to generous and kind-hearted donors like you to help students with hearing disability in city of Tabriz.  Without hearing aids, these, otherwise, perfectly talented students experienced a lifetime of struggle to succeed in academics and reaching their full potential.
Our original goal was to help 100 underprivileged students who were in need of these devices costing nearly $300 (after all the specially-negotiated discounts with the manufacturer and physicians who will install the devices) each. 
However, after an enormously successful drive through the holiday season, and with the help of the teachers' union in the township, itself, we were able to supply well over 100 of these hearing aids and made sure every eligible student who needed it got one-- all thanks to loving and wonderfully kind donors like you! 
Razi to Supply Hearing Aids for 100 Hearing-Impaired Students
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Razi To Supply Hearing Aids for 100 Hearing-Impaired Students
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